Saturday, March 8, 2008

Baby its cold outside!

Ok so I went outside to shovel a small path for the mail to get here....ha!

The snow is almost to my knees! But...shovel I did.....and now I am back inside ready to work on my trades for Fiber Art Traders!

My kids are happily zoned out in front of's my time to play!

My ladies for the Flat doll trade are eagerly waiting to go to their new homes! I loved this trade! I drooled over everyone's dolls and love the 3 that I am getting! They are awesome! This trade brought out the designer in me....sometimes I miss those days B.C. (before children)

....then reality hits and I remember what I didn't like about creating bridal and evening gowns:) that's another post for another day....I am off to play:)

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