Friday, May 9, 2008


What a wonderful day it was....most moms I know look forward to the day the kids start back to school...I eagerly wait for the day the kids are free for summer....that is when I know they are all mine again:))).....mine to hang out with ....or just sit in the yard and watch them squeal and giggle with their friends....which at my house is a daily event! I love grilling yummy summer food for all of them to inhale in between a game of tag and a meeting of the NBA club(no boys allowed!)...taking place in their very own "club" tent....(best investment ever!) And of course as you can see is a time for bare feet....

Welcome back sunshine!

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CarolD said...

Love this photo-- I had my 4 year old grandson staying me till yesterday and i gave him corn on the cob for Lunch on Thursday and he told me It was really yummy - a new food for him !!!! Enjoy your coming summer